I, A Woman 2

Starring: Gio Petre, Lars Lune

Running time: 60 minutes

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Swedish pastry GIO PETRE is married to cold blooded creepy LARS LUNE, a filthy rich antique dealer who refuses to pay his bills. Although she questions her relationship with him, he has a certain “sexual power” over her and uses it to control her and amuse himself. She poses for his pornographic photos and has sex with one of his business associates in front of him, after which he indulges himself violently with her as well. Even his own mother is wary of him telling her daughter-in-law that her son is more evil than she knows, “a dangerous animal, something vile that shouldn’t stay alive.” When she finds out that he is also a closet Nazi complete with uniform and war memorabilia, she has to decide between ending his life or fleeing for her own.


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