Violated 5


Starring: Vanisha

Running time: 55 minutes

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Sultry French-Canadian VANISHA has come to the New York in search of meaningful work. When she answers an ad in the local paper, the term “job opportunity” takes on a whole new meaning for the poor trusting newcomer. Her potential employer greets her at the door with a mouthful of chloroform, and takes full advantage of her helpless state of mind and body. She is stripped and fondled as she lay on the floor, and then moved to another room where even more horror awaits her. Bound and gagged, spanked mercilessly, terrorized at knifepoint as her pantyhose is cut off her body, and still her captor remains unsatisfied. When she awakens again naked and vulnerable in the shower, the term VIOLATED epitomizes her encounter with big city perversity and the powers behind it.


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