Driven To Extremes


Starring: Paige Richards, Sabrina Royale

Running time: 50 minutes

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World famous actress-model Patricia Lawford (PAIGE RICHARDS) has come to town under the impression she is going to be the guest of honor at a very private party. Unfortunately she instead falls into the hands of a deranged chauffeur (SABRINA ROYALE) who is jealous of her beauty and success. Arriving at the deserted location, she is chloroformed and rendered unconscious, completely at the mercy of her twisted abductor. Before this day is over she will be groped, stripped, suspended, spanked, flogged and bitten. And that’s just for appetizers. Spread-eagled naked and tied helplessly to a four poster bed, she is then forced to give the most private and perverted performance of her lifetime… and you are there as silent witness. (Contains chloroforming, fondling, bondage, nudity, and penetration)


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