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Starring: Juliette

Running time: 60 minutes


High-powered New York executive JULIETTE has become another victim of the economic recession. Fired from her cushy job, she is forced to make ends meet by looking for work as a temp. Having never endured this kind of job interview before, she becomes a ripe victim of the scam artist who lures innocent women into his clutches with promises of gainful employment. Like others who have come before, JULIETTE is chloroformed and stripped of her clothing and dignity. Bound, gagged and helpless, she gamely fights back as her captor spanks her bottom and flogs her vulnerable body. But the worst is yet to come as she awakens only to find that her nightmare is still not over. Naked in the shower, her hands secured above her head, the gloved maniac is free to probe her without interference…her screams heard only by him and you the viewer.




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