Stalker 2


Starring: Samantha Reed, Tommy Swan

Running time: 60 minutes

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TOMMY SWAN is still on the loose, setting his sights on his next stalking victim. SAMANTHA REED is walking in the parking lot where she works as a data processor when she sees him staring incessantly at her from a car. She continues inside where to begin her job at her desk. Her co-workers have yet to arrive so she is frighteningly alone when the STALKER makes his sudden appearance. He quickly overcomes her, handcuffing her hands, tying her ankles together, and then gagging her to silence the screams. When he wraps a rope around her neck, and drags her off like a collared dog, SAMANTHA knows that the worst is yet to come. She is brought to a deserted warehouse where she is tied spread-eagled to a ladder, stripped to the waist, and violently mauled both above and below. But her ordeal is far from over. When he places her in a cage, shackles her, and pulls down her panties to reveal her ripe bottom, she knows that his rough pinches on her flesh are only the beginning…


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