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DONNA McKAY is a prim and proper college student racing from her car to get to her next class. Unbeknownst to her, TOMMY SWAN has been stalking her and is now watching from his own car as she adjusts her stockings. When she reaches the locked door to the building, he races up behind her, chloroforms her, and carries her unconscious body back to his escape vehicle. Reaching his destination, he lays her down on a mattress, and slowly undresses her all the while fondling her nubile young flesh. What awaits her next are the stuff of which nightmares are made of. Dazed and bewildered, she finally awakens to find that she cannot see, and has been tied spread-eagled to the bed, a helpless victim for his twisted desires. No one responds to her screams as DONNA hears the door swing open, feels his body on the bed right next to her, his heart beating almost as fast as hers, and then…




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