Nightmare 1


Starring:  Katie Jordon

Running time: 60 minutes

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KATIE JORDON is having trouble sleeping. Tossing and turning, she is having the darkest of dreams. She envisions herself getting sleekly dressed for a night on the town squeezing into form fitting dress, sexy undergarments and pumps. As she gets ready to leave, she is jumped from behind by a masked intruder who chloroforms her into unconsciousness. While out, she is stripped down to her thigh highs and pumps, and her nearly nude body is fondled hungrily by the stranger. KATIE is then dragged into the bedroom by her feet, and tied spread-eagled to the bed, her vulnerable body an open invitation for bad intentions. She awakens and begins to scream, only to be put back to sleep by her tormentor, now totally free to probe her at will. But this is only the beginning of the slumber from hell. Just as she thinks the dream has come to an end, it starts all over again and gets worse. Will KATIE ever escape from this NIGHTMARE or is she doomed to relive the agony of eternal bondage? Slip in between the covers with her and find out!


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