The Case Of The Captive Contortionist


Starring:Flexy Lexy

Running time: 45 minutes

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FLEXY LEXY, a professional contortionist is safe at home doing her daily workout routine. When she finishes and heads for the bathroom to freshen up, she is overtaken by a masked assailant and chloroformed into unconsciousness. Upon awakening, the innocent girl finds herself suspended and helpless in a dingy basement, her mysterious captor free to do with her as he will. Before she is finally set free, her arms and legs will be tied behind her head as she is spanked and flogged repeatedly by her cruel kidnapper.

She will then be brought to a dungeon where her legs will be hooked up to a spreader bar, her body will be hoisted off the ground, and her bare feet whipped savagely, all for the amusement of the man in black. Was it all just a horrible nightmare, or a grim and gritty reality?


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