Against Their Will


Starring: Ginger, Kelly, Renee

Running time: 60 minutes

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This compilation of vintage vignettes from the early years of home video is shocking even to this day. The title speaks for itself and though we can’t show you stills from the program as none exist, a little imagination goes a long way although there is very little left to the imagination here. GINGER is arrested and thrown into a Police van with other female prisoners. Handcuffed and helpless, she soon finds herself at the mercy of a lust crazed guard who uses her as his sexual plaything to the amusement of the other girls.

KELLY may be a carefree suburban housewife, but when she answers the door to help a couple with car problems, her own problems begin. They overpower her, tie her up, strip her naked, and subject her to sexual abuses she never knew existed. RENEE is arrested by a dominant female cop, stripped, and then subjected to a cathode search designed to open up every orifice of her body. Finally, two hippie girls are initiated into a cult, their bodies subjected to spankings, whippings, and the carnal desires of their masters.


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