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Starring: Kaite Jordon, A.J. Khan, Natalia Ashe, Tasha Capri, Victoria Vega

Running time: 115 minutes


“SLEEPING WITH SKY LONDON” is one of New York’s longest running and hottest late night cable TV shows. Sexy Sky has introduced many a nubile newcomer on her program, and this is the video that proves it. One of the most popular segments each week is the one where the girls strip down to their panties and dance directly for the audience, bumping and grinding in the most provocative manner. Over a dozen nymphets tease you and please in this compilation tape featuring such future stars as A.J. KHAN, KATIE JORDON, NATALIA ASHE, TASHA CAPRI, VICTORIA VEGA and a host of others. If your idea of heaven is watching a parade of luscious pantygirls at their most uninhibited, order your copy of PANTYGIRL PARADE now!




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