ENCHANTRESS SAHRYE INTERROGATED the first in a series of feature films starring the internet fan favorite has completed post-production and is available for purchase on DVD. A special preview trailer designed for viewing by a general audience can be seen right here at FetishOasis at no charge. According to M.R. Stewart, the longtime industry veteran who produced and directed the movie, a decision was made to cut a less intense version minus nudity and graphic contact.The ten minute teaser has been designed as a way of introducing mainstream viewers to the world of BDSM familiar to fans of the sultry brunette bombshell but unknown to the general public.

In the project ENCHANTRESS SAHRYE stands accused of being a corporate spy guilty of stealing and sharing secret documents and branded a “financial terrorist.” She is abducted and brought to a dark and desolate dungeon where she is subjected to intense questioning and harsh physical abuse by a threatening inquisitor and his menacing henchman. She is forced to endure choking, hair pulling,face slapping, mummification, forced stripping, foot torture, sensory deprivation, suspension, flogging, spanking and more.

How much can she take before she breaks?

To find out the answer to that question watch the PREVIEW TRAILER of ENCHANTRESS SAHRYE INTERROGATED and then purchase the UNCENSORED 75 minute interactive DVD.