The first in a series of bondage themed feature films starring ENCHANTRESS SAHRYE has completed post-production and is now available online and will be promoted by her at Fetishcon starting August 13th. The popular internet fetish actress/model is signed to a multi-picture deal with FETISHOASIS and not only stars in the vehicle directed by industry veteran M.R. Stewart but is also credited as a producer.

ENCHANTRESS SAHRYE INTERROGATED finds the feisty brunette bombshell abducted and brought to a dark and desolate dungeon. There she is treated to harsh verbal and physical abuse by a threatening inquisitor and his menacing henchman. Individual sequences contain spanking, sensory deprivation, mummification, foot torture, suspension, flogging and more.

How much can she take before she breaks?

The answer to that question can be found at Fetishcon Booth 105 & 106 – Grand Bay Ballroom this weekend or to learn more at FetishOasis.


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  1. M.R. Stewart says:

    Appreciate your point of view and understanding that we are attempting to do something a bit different and perhaps somewhat more unique than the usual repetitive clips. Stay tuned as there is more to come…

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