Enchantress Sahrye Interrogated Officially Banned By Mainstream Distributors And Internet Video Platforms


In 2015 M.R. Stewart produced and directed the feature length film Interrogated starring Enchantress Sahrye. Upon making it available via traditional adult video distribution and to cable tv and Pay-Per-View outlets the movie was summarily and unanimously rejected for the following reasons: “INTERROGATED contains kidnapping and drug use due to the chloroforming sequence and may violate community standards in certain areas of the country and thus cannot be distributed to retail stores/INTERROGATED features the abuse and harassment of a young woman and is both degrading, politically incorrect and not acceptable for viewing by a global audience”.

In 2016 the trailer for “Enchantress Sahrye Interrogated” was posted on two socialmedia video platforms and seen by over 50,000 people. In February 2016 it was removed from the first online platform and on On May 20, 2016 the promo was pulled from the number one online Tubesite for collectively violating the following restrictions: Videos are not allowed that seem primarily focused on sexual stimulation, or that are hateful, harass others, include defamatory or discriminatory speech, or have an overall mean-spirited vibe. In addition to this, violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes are not allowed and videos containing this type of content will be removed.


Although a variety of videos and trailers violating the designated restrictions can currently be seen on both platforms, ( a listing will be posted in the near future on this blog) they are the property of major motion picture companies and distributors and therefore not the target of flagging or removal. Rather than defy the platforms and engage in a no/win confrontation with the platforms, M.R. Stewart and production company Shadowplay Enterprises have chosen to make the trailer and movie available for viewing via DVD and Download exclusively at FetishOasis.com at this point in time.

The banning of Interrogated (Ban: to prohibit or forbid especially officially) mirrors the reception to the motion picture “The Outlaw” released over 70 years ago produced by Howard Hughes and starring Jane Russell. It caused shock and controversy at the time in the same way mainstream media has reacted to Enchantress Sahrye in her first feature film. The similarities are too eerily disturbing to ignore regarding artistic censorship and it is our intention to chronicle the reality that “the more things change the more they remain the same.” In addition both Enchantress Sahrye and Jane Russell, beautiful, compelling, provocative and talented, have posed glamorously in front of the camera in scenarios and motifs that defy the passage of time and unite them in ways obviously visible as you will see by the photos we will be displaying.